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What’s it all about

This blog is an experiment, just photos and works-in-progress of the random pictures I take and like here and there..heavy on the vintage instrument end of things and atmospheric pictures (I guess). I have a full,formal website, that shows my art pieces, recent shows, commissions & client work. That website is . 

I’m a small-town American girl that ran away (well, figuratively) & lived in big cities for awhile (Boston, New Orleans, Los Angeles, London)…but now I live in a small town in northern Italy. Oh yeah I’m married to a very cool musician. That will become obvious from my posts. 

…Allodola is the Italian word for the lark. These birds have had joyful imagery and symbolism associated with them for centuries. Larks appear from time to time in my pictures. And ‘lark’ in English has another meaning: something done solely ‘for fun’. What’s a blog for if not for…

p.s. you can reach me by email at arte.dream [at]

thanks for stopping by..(crickets..?;-)